Hi there, my name is Bobby Danavan and I help Music artists, Events Promoters, Businesses, Dj’s, Producers and creatives.
My aim is to of service to expiring individuals to seasoned veterans, and help scale and launch their creative visions. May I take this opportunity to welcome you to my blog.

Citadel Studios was originally launched back in 2017  as an addition to the already established Basement club, Based in Stoke on trent and started out as a small studio base producing music releases, artwork and promotional videos on a low key basis locally within the Staffordshire region of the UK, England.

My personal background within the music events industry started back in the noughties in 1994, with my first enterprise running a mobile Disco in my youth days.

Musically I have an eclectic taste and appreciate various genres of music, however, I have been drawn to the electronic dance industry and the unbeatable vibes and atmosphere a dance floor can give one. Having promoted and been involved with well over one thousand events over the years, predominantly within the Midlands region, and up and down the UK, including free party raves, held in some of the country’s most obscure places in the county. Incredible times

Back in the 90s I was known by the alias of Bobby De zero, and at that time I was Co-owner of two Record shops feeding underground dance music vynal, tapes pack and merchandise out to like-minded party heads in Newcastle under Lyme – Stoke on Trent in 1999 for three years with partners. It also made sense to base a Studio within the basement of the business premises, which went under the name of Experimental studios. This was run with co band members and went under the name of “Experimental” . A second shop was Later opened based over in Cadishead, Manchester. Both called Distortion Records.

Since this time I have gone on to produce my own Music at the studios, Citdadel which was launched in 2017 and is based in Stoke. I am also co-Director and resident Dj at the Ibiza Hive event brand, with Ibiza – Global and Space Ibiza legend, Jonathan Ulysses. I have a team of great people who help me run a multitude of other brands, and these include Basement Unified, Basement presents, Breakthrough, Distinctive solo sessions, Basement u18s Events, which all give new up and coming & seasoned talent a platform to play within the Stoke on Trent.

I am also the proud owner at Stoke on tents and Staffordshire’s Readers’ choice club venue winner of the year 2018, Basement, which was established in 2011. The venue has seen tens of thousands of revelers through its doors over the years, including numerous high-profile DJ, producers and artists. It also acts as a music hub within the city, giving service to the masses and bringing underground sounds and vibes of many genres, consistently weekly.
Having spent many seasons over in the white isle gaining invaluable experience, and in later years actively supporting initiatives, such as The last night a Dj saved my life foundation, founded by adventure and forward-thinking director of the foundation, Jonny Lee.

From Djing alongside many well versed veterans, including the likes of Utah Saints,Altern 8, Jonanthan Ulysess, Mike Catherall,Tristian Ingram, Nick Coles,Les Hemstock, Damon Hess, Nick Rafferty, to drum and bass artists in my early days such Grooverider, Dj SS , Ratty, to hard techno innovators such as HMS, Loftgroover, Mark E G to name but a few. These skills have helped mold my vast music tastes. From co running a brand called Monkee back in 1999 to giging and promoting evnts at the Ritz in Manchester, Sarvanana’s Ibiza, to more recent parties including Basement Unified held at LRV & Verve to other intimate venues in Congleton & Macclesfield with more recent gigs at Pacha & Moabeza over in Cape verde.

It’s all about the music, pushing new boundaries and the chase of putting new ideas together and executing them.

Now sadly with the current situation with the Covid 19, my music venue is at a standstill and isn’t looking like we’re going to reopen just yet. But, taking a positive from it and the sheer madness its brought, it’s given me a renewed energy , not only to spend time with my family, which was pretty much none existent over the weekends due to running a nightclub and everything that comes with that, but to get new and forgotten music finished and mastered. And, ideas which I had shelfed out there.

This blog will be dedicated to everything I’ve learned old and new, advise, tips and tricks from my vast network of likeminded people I know. I hope I can be of help to you in some way.


Bobby Danavan