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How to live stream a dj set from your mobile phone, to Facebook live,twitch, mixcloud.

   Live streaming is practically the only method at the moment to get your music out there, or what ever you  do creatively which can be done by this way. Whether  that being visually or via online radio streams etc. Its definitely worth familiarizing yourself with ...

10 of best Free music plugins 2020

10 of the best Free music plugins 2020 VST Synths are pretty much one of the most thrilling and exciting items to have in your arsenal which producers have to passionately work on there tracks with today. Synthesizers with some clout and the various other hardware...

How to live stream a dj set using OBS from multiple sources and pages on facebook

All of this is set up from a laptop or desktop computer.  Download OBS Studio here: https://obsproject.com/ Cross posting permissions:   The first thing to do is for the promoter or person to request access to cross-post video to your page.   1) They do so in the...

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