All of this is set up from a laptop or desktop computer. 

Download OBS Studio here:

Cross posting permissions:  

The first thing to do is for the promoter or person to request access to cross-post video to your page.  

1) They do so in the settings of the facebook page they want to go live with.  

2) Their facebook page > Settings > Crossposting > Add page to Cross post with > Link to send to you should pop-up 

3) Going Live: Person or Promoter needs to head to 

4) Create Live stream  

 5) Schedule Live Stream (Enter time etc) 

 6) Post > Share to Page you manage > Select main page to go live from  

 7) Enter title/description etc  

 8) Cross post with more pages > select all other pages to go live with (These will all go live at the selected time, with the same title/description)  

 9) On right hand side of the screen, there will be a ‘Stream Key’ box > Copy this and send to whoever is going live.  

10) Inserting Stream Key to OBS:  

 11) Bottom left hand side SETTINGS box > New window pops up, click ‘STREAM’ tab on the left hand side menu > Where it says stream key, delete whatever is there already and paste the new one into the box.  

12) Servers should remain as default  

13) Click ok to return to main screen.  

14) To send signal to the Facebook live studio of promoter, hit ‘start streaming’ on the bottom right hand side menu on OBS main screen and your all set go. 


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